Bonus Lector


We are going to build our own eBook Reader (like Kindle) using the Raspberry Pi with a custom OS image, books store etc.


I couldn’t see anyone doing this online, so can’t attach many sources. Kinda figuring this out on our own. I have quite a bit of experience with Raspi and electronics but want to take this as an opportunity to work with and teach my sister and a friend about hardware projects and RPIs.

Here are a few links for individual components though:



  3. Order all the parts as listed.

  4. Simultaneously, build the image and necessary softwares for storing, and managing the eBook files.

  5. Assemble the 3D Printer and other accessories.

  6. Develop the 3D models necessary for the project.

  7. Print the necessary 3D files.

  8. Load the developed softwares onto the Raspberry Pi.

  9. Assemble everything together.

  10. Voila!


3 People will be working on this project.

7.5” ePaper Diplay$245
3D Printer$620
3D Filament$12
SD Cards$8
USB Type-C Adapter (Raspi)$14
Powerbank for Raspi$14
Raspberry Pi 4$75