TheSleepBuddy (cross project with my friend @LiricTech)


I’m going to build a smart litle box with many functionalities like an alarm clock, a temperature sensor, leds that wakes you up or speakers to play calm music to sleep. The idea behind this project is that my friend will make a replica with different functionalities/sensors and the two boxes will connect together to send informations like kind messages (idk). My friend will also make his own pull request when he’ll be ready.

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Checklist before submitting proposal:


  1. Order everything

  2. Prototype printing the case in my local FabLab

  3. making the final case with polypropylene and wood

  4. Program the arduino to do everything I want

    4.1) Program the Adafruit LEDS [4.2) Program and connect the temperature sensor to the arduino and to the LEDS.][only if I have the budget after CNC machining and buying the polypropylene parts ] 4.2) Program the speakers to connect to them in bluetooth with your phone 4.3) Program the Segemented display to make a timer before sleep 4.4) program the LCD display to show the current weather and room temperature with the temperature sensor

  5. Assemble everything !


ProductSupplier/LinkCost (including some taxes)
Arduino UNO REV 2 WIFI/Bluetooth (Wifi is needed to connect to my friend’s sleep buddy)arduino55,90 $ (there is a promo code so idont know the exact price)
Arduino UNO Mini (i need two arduinos because i need many ports and the mini one is great because of its footprint.)arduino59,90 $ (there is a promo code so idont know the exact price)
Stereo Enclosed Speaker - 3W 8Ω (x2) (for the music)arduino9,60 $ (there is a promo code so idont know the exact price)
NeoPixel RGB 8 LEDs ADA1426gotronic8,50 $
NeoPixel RGB 1m 30 leds ADA1376gotronic21,86 $
Grove - Touch Sensor (button on the top to stop the alarm)arduino8,07 $
Jumper Wiresamazon11,66 $
Polypropylene parts???max 10 $
wood parts???max 15 $
AZDelivery Display Module Vert LCDamazon6,89 $
AZDelivery LED Displayamazon6,89 $
Breadboardamazon6,27 $
SUBTOTAL221,27 $
TOTAL including taxes + shipping costs31,76$ + 42,22$ + 120,84$ + 15$ +10$ + shipping costs of the polypropylene parts that I can’t know right now = 219,82$