Screens for Cougar MFD


I am going to build and integrate screens with the Thrustmaster Cougar MFD, this will allow for a realistic look on MFD, I wish to make an affordable option for anyone who works with flight simulators like me. There are alternatives however I wish to make them well integrated and something that people can use as a guide for their own projects


Once my parts arrive, I will build a mount for my MFD with the screen. This mount will be made out of wood during devlopment then it will be a 3d model Second, I will setup a software or etc. to allow the user sim of choice to operate with the screen. This software may be preexisting Open source screen split software however the linux side will most likely be written by me as its a very specific setup. Throughout this project I will show how this is done with good photos and documentation on Gitbook and I will share the process to help the flight simulator community Third, I will integrate the MFD with my Arch Linux installation so I can see a terminal on both of them as mini terminals, this will all be open source and free. Once uploaded wherever find fit, I will share my socials so people can communicate with me if they need help. If you wish to email me, GMAIL: I2P: D8Z@mail.i2p


ELECROW 10.1 displayELECROW Amazon$125 (Amazon) $139 (ELECROW)
HDMI cableAmazon$7
Total$132 + 10.56 Tax = 143*
The thrustmaster Cougar MFD are a prerequisite however I already own them
a Link may be found Here

Originally I planned on doing the MIT Coffee Can SAR radar however It totalled up to $360 :(.

PS. Thank you all for supporting students like me in tinkering together and hacking together tools for the public and ourselves, I deeply appreciate everything yall do!