Arduino Car


I am going to build a bluetooth controlled car which is powered using an arudino uno. The reason I want to build this is because I have always wanted to create a robot and a car whihc i could control myself seemed like the perfect entry point. Also I think it would just be super cool to have a car that I could say i built myself.


For this build I will require a lit of parts since i am making it from scratch and not using a kit. Ecamples of things I will require is an arudino, a bluetooth chip, ply wood, motor drivers, mecanum wheel, etc. The first thing I will do is to tske the plywood and cut out an appropriate shape for the body of the car. I will then attach the motors to the board and connect them to the arudino and connect the wheels. After thst I will be putting in thr bluetooth chip so i can control the car and connect it with the arduino. Then i will put the bstteries in and program the arduino so it can function. Throughout this build I will be dollowing this video.


Arduino Kit$75
Soldering Iron$37.50
Hot Glue Gun$18
Double Sided Tape$5
Motor Driver$25
Battery Holder$4.30
Total $Aud$367.40
Total $Usd$247