ADS-B Receiver


I am going to build an ADS-B receiver so I can track a plane’s location in the sky. Right now, my plan is to become a pilot when I turn 17. I’ve joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and hope to get my license through them. I’ve wanted to do this project for a long time now, but I couldn’t find a raspberry pi that was cheap enough to do so.


After purchasing the components, my plan is to put them together. Next, I will download FlightRadar’s Pi24 software and put it on the raspberry pi. Then, I will set it up and (hopefully) be able to see each plane’s telemetry. Finally, I will design and 3-D print a case for everything to allow it to be outside. I know it sounds simple, but I find it fascinating that anyone can just scan the sky for planes.


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+$119.36 CAD ($88.26 USD)
The Antenna$37.90 CAD ($28.03 USD)
Raspberry Pi Power Supply$12.86 CAD ($9.51 USD)
3-D Printer FilamentAlready Own$0.00
SD Card for Raspberry PiAlready Own$0.00
Import Fees$20.45 CAD ($15.12 USD)
Tax$1.67 CAD ($1.24 USD)
Total$192.24 CAD ($142.16 USD)