Automated Plant Growth System


I am going to build an automated plant growth pod that automates plant care for indoor gardening. It has a water reservoir in the bottom of the pod with the planting soil container above that redistributes water to the resevoir. A probe that measures soil moisture communicates data to a raspberry pi which triggers the water pump to water the plant. A plant growth full spectrum LED light will be attached to an ajustable tooth support to provide light for the plant. I’m excited to build this because it’ll be a great way to try out new components and build a system that would help me grow plants.


First: I’m going to connect all of my hardware on a breadboard to my raspberry pi Second: I will source sample code online for my hardware components. I will use the uhubctl utilty to power on and off the usb ports on my pi, turning on and off the LEDS connected to the Raspberry Pi’s USB port. Third: I will modify sample code to fit my needs in an all encompassing program. Fourth: I will CAD a case, resevoir, and tooth support beam with ONSHAPE Fifth: I will 3D print the case, resevoir, and tooth support beam in segments, connecting them with superglue and sealing the gaps with caulking Sixth: I will assemble the 3D printed parts Seventh: I will place the components in their designated places and connect them to my raspberry pi


What materials will you need for your project? Where will you get them? How much does it cost? Please include all materials, including components you already own. Make sure to factor in shipping costs and sales tax.

Voxelab 3D Printer Resin$19.99
“Voxelab Proxima 4K, Resin 3D Printer”$129.99
Monk Makes Plant Monitor$9.95
Submersible 3V DC Water Pump$2.95
Tubing for Submersible Pumps$1.50
Sovol 3D Stainless Steel Resin Filter$12.99
“1.54"" Display 240x240 TFT LCD”$17.50
Female-Male Jumper cables$3.95
Male-Male Jumper Cables$3.95
Plant Growth LEDs$9.99
Adafruit EYESPI Breakout Board$1.95
Raspberry Pi (Already Owned)$0
Caulking (Already Owned)$0
Superglue (Already Owned)$0
Total without Tax and Shipping$220.66