IRL Pong


I am planning to be building a Pong board with a physical ball and paddles. It will be a lot like normal Pong, but with a new way to experience it. I am excited to build it because I live by a place called Pinball Jones, and there I found a Pong game a lot like it.


I won’t need many tools other than my 3D printer, and wood working tools in my garage. I will make simple files for the controls (just little wheels). The software will just control the paddles and ball, along with taking in input. I have made a JavaScript version of pong, so I believe it wouldn’t be too hard to port that code to this project.

  1. First, I will make a simple board, likely just smooth wood. (around 1 day)
  2. Then, I will build a simple gantry to move a magnet around underneath the board. (with wiring, probably 2 days)
  3. After that I will get simple balls and paddles with magnets inside (around 1/2 day)
  4. Then, it’s just the software, then I will be done.


Arduino Uno$27.95
7-segment display$3.50
Magnet (x10)$16.00
Stepper Motor (x4)$70.00
Wires (M/M) (x2)$5.50
Wires (F/F) (x2)$4.20
Small Stepper (x2)$17.90