Barometric Altimiter


I’m planning on building a portable barometric altimiter which can either read a pressure altitude for a given barometric setting or display the current barometric setting. I was inspired to build this because I am currently in the process of becoming a pilot and I thought that this would be a cool way to expand my knowledge on coding and hardware whilst also paying tribute to my passion for aviation. This will be my first using hardware and I think it will be an exciting opportunity to learn new things.


I will use a touchscreen LCD display as the main interface which allows the user to switch between reading an altitude or displaying the barometric setting. It will use a BMP280 I2C for barometric readings which will then be relayed onto the display.


Arduino Rev 3$28.99
Adafruit BMP280 I2C$25.45
Touchscreen LCD Display$21.25
Battery Holder x2$14.53
CR2023 Battery$11.96
Soldering Iron Kit$19.25
Soldering Flux$8.14
Solder Lead Free,-inc./611-1/6228764$29.04
Jumper Wires$14.05
Dupont Wires$11.83
Circuit Passives Kit$22.26

Prices in USD, include shipping