DIY 3-D Printer and Antennas


I have always wanted to build a three-d printer and learn to explore how it works and its functionality. However, I want to apply it in a physical situation by creating different 3-d printed antennas to transmit wifi signals and to make a mock wifi booster inside my local area. I have always loved dwelling on the hardware aspect of things like building my own computer, and I want to continue by adding a 3D-printer to the collection as it will also allow me to explore more of the mechanical engineering required in making a 3D printer and the prints from it. Furthermore, building and creating antennas from this project would provide me a challenge in also testing my skills in electrical engineering, and I could also expand this into an organization or personal project to provide booster antennas to impoverished areas suffering from the digital divide.


First day: I am going to get a 3-D printer (Neptune S2) and learn how to build, it through a self-assembly kit and using these videos: Second - Sixth Days: I will work on getting upgrades on the 3-D printer to improve its quality and efficiency with the potential upgrades listed below: Compression Die Spring (Store Bought) Filament Guide Snap-In ( Display Ribbon Cable Clip ( Z Axis Bar Wire Guide Easy Control Knob Extruder Upgrade (Store Bought) Z-Motor Support ( The Rocket Side Spool Mount ( Once everything has been set up, I will do a couple of test 3-D prints to fine tune certain settings and ensure the overall 3-D printer works fine. Final days (6-10 and longer): I will began by looking at making a variety of antennas, the three I have wanted to build would be the cantenna, biquad, and yagi antenna (I will make on during the 10 day period, and two if possible) For the biquad I will be referencing a design created by the user Saph on Printables ( in making a compact 7 element biquad antenna. I will make all the elements of the antenna from copper wire and soldering, use the long connection sticks provided in the print, and solder the copper plate, elements, and coax cable into one. The video I will use for the build as a general guide is:

For the yagi antenna, I plan to use the guide provided from user Photon1X from Printables, in this link:

For the catenna, I have already made one, but plan to potentially upgrade it with 3-D printed parts, they will mainly be used to make a mount and minor adjustments to the dipole antenna instead of the cantenna.

Budget Plan

Neptune S2 (Ordered)$150 (currently $140 with coupon)
Compression Die Spring$5.55
Copper Tape$9.00
SMA Coax Cable$7
14 gauge copper wire$11.00
PLA Filament$21.00
PLA Filament$22.70
Super GlueHaveFree
SMA AdaptersHaveFree
TaxCalculated with ~10%$19.14
Shipping and HandlingAmazon Base Rate$5
TotalBased on Amazon/Elegoo Rates$242.25