Blue Board


I am going to build a 65% mechanical keyboard but use custom firmware (a fork of QMK). The keyboard will be used for everything I do (home, school). I’ll also create a custom key layout for the keyboard. I’m excited to build this because it’s always been my dream to build a mechanical keyboard and modify it’s firmware at the low level. It’ll be my first time building a keyboard as well. I’ve also never truly explored C programming and I feel this project can help introduce me to it. As for what I am going to do for the firmware, my laptop builtin keys have special functions, such as trackpad on/off, key lights on/off, and a number pad. I want to include these settings on the keyboard itself because I think it will challenge me and be a fun first experience (for the most part).


From days 1-3, I will be assembling the keyboard with regular tests to make sure I haven’t broken anything yet. After some research and playing with C on day 4 to get the hang of it, I will start to develop the firmware itself. On days 4-8, I will be continuing to program the board’s firmware with regular tests & debugging sessions. On day 9, I’ll do in depth testing to make sure everything is correct in case something was missed. On the final day (10), because everything will be done I will customize the keyboard and have 1 final look.


Lube for switches (Krytox 103 + brush)$11.00
NK65 PCB/board (includes most things i will need)$95.00
Durock Linear Switches$38.88
Keycaps (Artifact Bloom series Black on White)$35.00
Durok V2 Stabilizers$4.00

Alternative/backup items

DZ65 PCB/board$95.00
Cream Dream Linear Switches$68.88
Keycaps (Keyreative ABS Blank Cherry Keycaps)$35.00