3D Printed Robot Arm


Robot arms are so facinating and versitale. I already have a 3D printer so it makes it so much more possible! I plan to try to implement computer vision later on, it’ll be a fun challenge for me in terms of software as well. There are so many possibilities with what I can do. I’ve had some experience working with hardware but not much, this will be a great opportunity for me to learn!


I’ll mainly be following this guide by How to Mechatronics, it’s very detailed and also provides room for me to adapt the project.

  1. Print everything, this will take over a week so I probably should complete that before the 10 days starts.
  2. Assembly! This should be quite straight foward if nothing goes wrong.
  3. Code it. I want to attempt to code it from scratch instead of using code the guide provided as a challenge, it’ll be fun tinkering!
  4. If I still have time, I want to attempt making it sort LEGOs.


ProductSupplier/LinkCost (in $CAD)
Arduino CNC Shield Expansion BoardAliExpress$1.67
UNO R3AliExpress$4.57
2pcs Thrust Bearing (51108)AliExpress$9.97
4pcs Linear Ball Bearings (LM10UU)AliExpress$2.72
10pcs Ball Bearing (608ZZ)AliExpress$2.32
5pcs Nema 17 Stepper MotorAliExpress$60.81
A4988 Stepper Motor Driver (x4)AliExpress$5.84
20pcs Micro SwitchAliExpress$3.29
Servo (MG996R 360deg)AliExpress$3.79
DC Power SupplyAmazon$18.88
Thrust Bearing (51107) (x4)AliExpress$16.25
4pc Steel Rod (10mm 400mm)Amazon$28.28
Lead Screw (8mm 400mm)AliExpress$10.53
PLA FillamentAmazon$19.99
8pcs 3D printer NozzlesAmazon$7.99
GT2 Belts (200/300/400mm)AliExpress$3.62
Bearing (6807ZZ)AliExpress$4.09
Bearing (6806ZZ) (x2)AliExpress$6.97
5pcs M8 Bolts (45mm)AliExpress$6.66
M Bolts (M3/M4/M5)AliExpress$5.37
M Nuts (M3/M4/M5/M8)AliExpress$11.43
Steel Rods (6mm 150mm) (x2)AliExpress$9.01
Subtotal-$227.82 = $75.14(Amazon) + $152.68(AliExpress)
Shipping-$115.60 = $19.86(Amazon) + $95.74(AliExpress)
Discounts-$31.79 = $7.28(Amazon) + $24.51(AliExpress)
Pre-Tax-$311.64 (Approx US$232.58)
Tax Estimate* (13%)-$12.35
Total-$323.99 (Approx US$241.79)

* AliExpress does not charge the buyer for tax
Prices and totals might differ due to promotions, discounts, import fees/tax.