Robotic Arm


what are ou going to build? A three axis Robotic Arm.

What does it do? It pick up things and does many other stuff.

Why are you excited to build it? It’s my third Electronic Project and it can help me on my Desktop


What steps are you going to take to build it?

  1. Follow this guide:
  2. Add Stepper Motors at the bottom and at the claw for a full rotation of the Base and the Claw
  3. Make the Circuit Diagram
  4. Get the Parts
  5. Connect the parts
  6. The Programming Part (an apllication that takes inputs and transmit it to the Arm)

What tools are you going to use?

  1. Soldering Iron (My Elder Sister own that)
  2. 3D Printer for Printing the Parts or Cutting it out from PVC (Cutting is Preffered as I don’t have 3D Printer)

What will you do first, second, third, etc.?

  1. Get The Parts
  2. Assemble the Servos and Connect all of them Properly
  3. Program it to Work Properly

Robotic Arm STL Files


Pack of wires$1.95
5V - 2A Adapter$2.40
Stepper Motor x 2$16.88
Servo SG90 x 3$8.00
Stepper motor Driver$7.68
MG996R Servo x 2$13.76
HC-05 Bluetooth Module$4.23
Arduino UNO R3 Board$11.26
Arm Model$10.28

Thank You!