The Hotswappable Battery Bank


I am planning to build a custom battery bank that fits my needs and I can use in highschool going in to college and beyond.

I want it to be easily user replaceable and have PCBs that are easy to repair if required. It will have hotswappable 100Wh battery packs that slot in to a body that allows the battery to be used for output.

I am excited to build it because I have always enjoyed hotswappable battery electronics like my first phone and my first laptop. Both of them had it and it was the coolest feature to just be able to double your battery life in 10 seconds. The reason I need it to have <100Wh swappable cells is because I want to take it with me when I travel and TSA rules are fun. Overall I am excited and look forward to developing and learning more about electrical engineering.


Tools (Already Owned)




  1. Create the battery packs with the holder and connect the 18650s together with spot welder and nickel strips.
  2. Wire up the PCBs
  3. Program microcontroller to have monitoring, recording and control features.
  4. Run a test build of the product to ensure proper function.
  5. Design and 3d print an enclosure for the battery packs and output panel.
  6. Test out in real world application. (Power soldering iron and laptop at same time for example)


6S 40A BMS (x4)Ebay$34.36
USB C 20V Female TriggerEbay$1.99
ESP 32 C3EbayI will cover
Color OLED DisplayEbayI will cover
USB A 4-port (x2)EbayI will cover
DC-DC CV Boost Buck ConverterEbayI will cover
XT60 8-Pack 12AWG 150mm cableAmazonI will cover
USB C 100W (x2)Ali Express$43.78
EVE 20P (x52)18650 Battery Store$103.48
Nickel Strips 0.15x8mm 200pk18650 Battery Store$7.75
Insulator Rings 20pcs (x3)18650 Battery Store$2.97
18650 Spacers *3 (x16)18650 Battery Store$2.56
XTAR 6 Bay Charger18650 Battery Store$17.99
Fish Paper18650 Battery Store$14.99
Shipping18650 Battery Store$15.81