Human Following Robot


A human following robot is a type of robot that is designed to follow a human as they move around. These robots are typically equipped with sensors that allow them to detect the presence of a human and adjust their movement accordingly. They may be used in a variety of settings, including hospitals, airports, and other public spaces, where they can assist with tasks such as carrying items or providing directions. Overall, the primary function of a human following robot is to provide assistance amand support to humans by following them and performing tasks as needed.


To create a human following car using the specified components, I will follow these steps:

First I will make the car chassis out of Acrylic Sheet by attaching the Mecanum wheels to the TT Gear Motor and then to the Chassis. To make the chassis I will first cut Acrylic sheet in a rectangular shape using appropriate tools which I already own. Then I will attach the L293D Motor Driver Shield to the car chassis.Then I will connect the Mu vision sensor to the Arduino Uno using a suitable male to female connectors. To power the car I am going to use 18650 Li-ion battery. I will also use a switch to control the power. Then I will connect the TT Gear Motor to the L293D Motor Driver Shield using suitable wires or cables. After I will upload the necessary code to the Arduino Uno to control the car’s movement and the Mu vision sensor, that I am currently working on. This code will include instructions for detecting the presence of a human in the vicinity of the car and adjusting the car’s movement accordingly. Then comes the testing part the car’s human following functionality by placing a human within the range of the Mu vision sensor and observing how the car responds. I may need to make adjustments to the code or the car’s hardware as needed to ensure proper operation. After that I will code the robot to follow Traffic Sign and take decisions accordingly. This robot will have to mode one Human Following Robot and the second Traffic Sign Recognition Robot.


Arduino UNO$9.67
MU Vision Sensor$155.76
(2x) Mecanum Wheel + Geared Motor$41.74
18650 Rechargeable Battery$5.91
TP4056 Battery Charger$1.17
18650 3.7v Battery Holder$1.08
Jumper Wires$3.26
L293D Motor Driver$2.60
Connecting Wires(Already Own)$0.00
Acrylic Sheet(Already Own)$0.00
Tools Needed For Making chassis(Already Own)$0.00