Musivue is a reactive LED music display with multi view displays: spectrum analyzer, Spotify cover, or circular graphic equalizer. The goal is to make a wall-hung portrait that portals users into the complex frequencies of your favorite songs.

Thought Process

I’ve always been obsessed with making music displayable. My first (real) PCB project was a VU meter that could go up and down with the booming sounds of your song. I then pimped a boombox with a frequency analyzer to allow for a reactive light show anywhere, anytime. I want to create a central music visualizer that taps into the Spotify API, combining various frequency display formats for one breathtaking decor piece.


First, I am going to set up the Orange PI 0. From there, I will make it communicate with the 64x64 LED matrix and play around with drawing simple animations. Afterward, I will create various frequency display modes (spectrum analyzer, circular view, etc.) and find a way to feed them music data from the Spotify API. Afterward, I will create a sleek portrait-esque wood case to hang up on the wall.

For tools I will need:

I fortunately already have all of these tools. I will just need to buy parts.



64x64 RGB Matrix DisplayAmazon$39.98
Orange Pi Zero 2Amazon$32.99
Acrylic Light Diffusion SheetAmazon$9.99
5V 8A Power SupplyAmazon$16.99
12” x 12” Walnut PlywoodHome Depot$14.99
1” x 2” Walnut PlanksAmazon$14.95
Polycrylic Protective Wood FinishAmazon$12.98
Small hardware (screws, washers, etc)Home Depot~$15.00
Measuring SquareAmazon$18.27
ShippingHome DepotNone. Driving
Pre-tax total$201.13
Tax (MA)$12.57

By the way, I have a box of 50+ soldering irons given to me by @leomcelroy that I will glady ship to anyone who wants one. Just pay shipping.