Laser-Cut NFC Business Cards


Networking (the human kind you coding nerds) is quite possibly my top priority at the moment as a young freelancer, and getting people to remember me is a constant struggle. I’ve had an idea for quite a while now to create laser cut NFC business cards (inspired by dot. cards) but with my own spin on them, and now I have the opportunity to do so.

Regular dot. cards are boring. See, they just take you to a page on their website that isn’t super customized for me or you. There’s also the fact that not everyone has NFC capabilities on their phones. I wanna change both those issues, with my skillset as a designer and developer. I want to create creative wooden business cards that I can actually hand out to people.

See, my business cards would be different from dot. cards in a few ways.

On top of all of that, having a laser cutter would support future ideas and innovation, so this wouldn’t be a one-and-done project- the items I purchase now would still be valuable and useful to me years down the road.

An important clarification: I understand your stipulation that these projects should be technically challenging, and you may be having reservations after noticing that the hardware is all kit-based. However, as you’ll see below, the coding/software development is quite extensive, and I already ran this by Ella Xu over email and she said it qualifies!

An update on why I want the laser cutter: A majority of the project certainly is setting up the connectivity features for the business cards, but I’ve seen a few laser cut business cards before (minus the connectivity features), and they’re really unique and memorable so that certainly is a priority. While I could, in theory, simply print the cards, I also see this as a fantastic opportunity to learn digifab software, hardware, and techniques. In addition, I’ve been eyeballing a few other projects, such as a wooden globe as a gift for a teacher I’ve had for most of my life, a custom stand to integrate my dock for my laptop, a laser pointer projector with some motors and mirrors, wooden mechanical sculptures, along with other miscellaneous art projects created to further my learning.


In the end the UX should be something along the lines of this:


All I really need is the laser cutter and NFC equipment (I need an NFC encoder because my phone happens to be among the few that doesn’t support NFC yet). Everything else I already have or can source on my own. I realize that I am overbudget and do plan on paying the extra $25.45 myself.

ZBAITU M37 Laser Engraver$229.99
NFC Writer$14.42
NFC Tags$12.99
Plywood SheetsN/A - OWNED(OWNED)


Thanks y’all for this opportunity, it’s pretty cool!