The Anti-Lazy Study Helper


I’m going to be making something that helps me study. I’ve found that listening to music, mostly lofi and sometimes songs that have lyrics or what you hea r on the radio, help me study a lot. I can use my laptop to set a timer, and play audio though I end up getting distracted, and wasting time sometimes. I want to make this to make it simpler for myself to get started, and help myself get more work done.


This is my first hardware project, and this project is something that I couldn’t really find anything for. There are plenty of differnt videos on eink displays, and the feather simlar to this project, though they’re not what I’m trying to fully make.

To fill this void and not have this project be a disater, here are my plans:

  1. Before the 10 days, I will work with an audrino kit my libary has to get more familar with audrinos, and hardware (the feather isn’t an audrino, though this should help me get the concepts)
  2. I will be watching and following turtiols to make something with the kit, and in my free time to make myself more familar
  3. The soldering equiment will be the first thing I have, so I’ll pratice soldering and will be using youtube videos to learn all about it
  4. When everything arrives, I’ll start by figuring out how to set everything up, and making a diagram. After that, I’ll start using my knowledge from all the other steps above and using other projects with my feather as a guide to start assembling everything together
  5. After that, I plan on using circutpython to code everything together and make it work

I do not think I will have time to 3d model and learn how to do it before the 10 days so I’ll be working on making a case after the 10 days are over

I’ll admit my plan is a little risky, though I think I’ll be able to understand how it works, and be able to make my study helper at the end


Feather rp2040$24.95 USD
ScoutMakes FM Radio Board - STEMMA QT / Qwiic$24.95 (without tax + shipping)
Tactile Buttons pack of 10$11.95
Breadboard-Friendly 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack$0.95
3D printed partsFrom LibaryDepends on Print, it’s $0.08 CAD per gram (I haven’t gotten to making my model yet, i’m not really sure what the cost would be
Proto Breadboards$9
Soldering kit[…]sprefix=soldering%2Bkit%2Bwith%2Bsolde%2Caps%2C353&sr=8-4&th=1$29.67
Hook up wire spool pack$15.95
Fume extraction fan$28.18
Monochrome Eink Wing$22.95
Shipping and TaxesAdafruit and Scoutmakes$29.61